1. Speaker Approval - Some diocese require approval before promotion can begin. If you require a letter of good standing or proof of safe environment training, please let us know ASAP. My pastor, Fr. Chuck Edwards regularly writes these and one can be requested by contacting his secretary, Peggy Clough (pclough@stanthony.com). The phone number for my home parish (St. Anthony of Padua in Effingham, IL) is 217.347.7129

  2. Confirm date, time, and location (building) of concert. If you have a Catholic school, Michael can perform for the school during the same day as the concert (or Monday following) as long as the two concerts are done in the same location and require just one set up. We typically recommend a donation of $2 per student. Email Michelle this information michelle@michaeljamesmette.com

  3. Concert Committee or Street Team - Get at least 3 people to help you out in planning the concert. Tasks can be divided into: Promotion, Hospitality, and Event Logistics. Please e-mail Michelle their contact info at michelle@michaeljamesmette.com

    1. Show the committee the promo video

    2. Share with them the promo, hospitality, and concert webpages

    3. Share with them Michelle’s contact info

    4. Assign tasks as needed

  4. Standard promotion - At the bottom of this page, you will find full -resolution posters and pictures. Please download these and add text containing the time and location at your parish. Please print full-color posters for the doors of the church and other bulletin boards. Announce the concert in the bulletin for 4 weeks prior and from the pulpit announcements 2 weeks prior.

  5. Social Media - Please set up an facebook event using your groups account. Then “like” MJM7 and add them as a co-host for the event. This will allow us to add videos and boost the event for promotion. Encourage people to “like and share.” The more it is liked and shared, the more the algorithm will present the event to new people. If your parish uses other media managers like flock notes, constant contact, or myParish app please plan a campaign using those. Please send info to the school newsletter. If your parish uses instagram, youtube, etc. share accordingly.

  6. Michael’s Mass invitation - If your concert is scheduled on a weekend, then Michael can play a communion meditation at each Mass and personally invite the congregation to the concert (this is brief, under 60 seconds). It is helpful for our ministry if we can also be allowed to sell our CDs and other merchandise after these Masses. We have seen a significant increase in attendance in parishes where Michael gives a personal invitation. Please communicate this with Father and the music minister.

  7. Collaborate - Personally invite the leaders of other church groups (Men's Prayer Group, Mom's Group, Youth Ministry, Religious Education, Music Ministry, etc). Check the calendar and see if anything is scheduled at the same time. Ask groups if they are willing to join the event in leiu of meeting that night. Ask groups to help with the event in any way, by providing cookies, moving chairs, etc. All of these things build buy-in from the group.

  8. Video - Music is hard to portray in text. Play Michael's music videos and recorded music to let people know what style of music the concert will be. Here is a link to come go his other music videos. You can link to this playlist of "Between the Lines" interviews build interest online.

  9. Radio - Almost every radio station has a community calendar that will announce the time and location of any local event. Michael has is happy to call in for a radio interview if the station is agreeable. This is more common on Catholic stations.

  10. Invite outsiders. Do you have a good relationship with other churches in the area? Can you announce in their bulletins? Do ministries ever collaborate together? Ask the leaders to commit to bringing a group of people. Put posters on local bulletin boards at library, gas stations, laundry mats, banks, etc. Encourage people to bring a friend.

Here is a sample newsletter / bulletin announcement :

Join us on (date) for a concert featuring MJM7. MJM7 is a Catholic family band comprised of Michael James Mette and 4 of his daughters: Gabriella (15), Trinity (14), Charity (12), and Cecilia (10) who join him on stage. The Mette's gifts of music, joy, & family life offer the boldness and innocence of youth with the wisdom and depth of lived experiences.  The events fall somewhere between a rock concert and a parish mission, with vibrant lights, powerful music, faith sharing, and an invitation to prayer. The music is uplifting without being preachy, creating an environment that is engaging without being confrontational. The concert empowers all ages to pray more fully and worship more freely. Bring a friend! You won’t want to miss this this unique event. The concert is free, donations are accepted.

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